Behind the Collection

At the start of lockdown, I took a step back to really reconnect with the purpose of my brand. I am passionate about the skill that goes into garment making, and I want to create clothes that will last and that you will love for a long time. Pieces that you will want to wear over and over, to show them off, because they look great and make you feel amazing.

All the garments within the collection are designed to be super versatile. Those pieces that you can dress up and down and keep you feeling put together but also comfortable! Because there’s nothing worse than having a beautiful outfit that you just can’t relax in.

I wanted my photoshoot to be natural and organic and to be solely about the clothing. So I set up a backdrop in the back room of my house, got my best friend (who happens to be an absolute natural in front of the lens) and used the daylight and an array of flowers to create the feel that I was going for. The pieces are styled with either clothing I have made, things I already owned or things that I borrowed. Bluer Than Velvet is a champion of sustainability so nothing was bought specifically for the shoot… except for the flowers. I bought lots of flowers.

Why Lavender?

Flowers inspired the collection because they are so beautiful, naturally, and I wanted incorporate that into my designs. But lavender was the one that really captured my attention for many reasons. The colour combination for a start is a match made in heaven! So that became a huge inspiration for the pieces visually, as did the shape.

Deeper than that, lavender has so many benefits and healing qualities. The scent of lavender is one that is associated with relaxation and calmness. I had this in my mind when bringing the collection to life. I want you to feel comfortable when wearing products from The Lavender Collection and I achieved this by including ethically sourced materials like bamboo and organic cotton which are both made in a way that is better for both the planet and the people producing them.

The other fabrics are ethical in that they are bought from suppliers near to me which reduces my carbon footprint and supports local businesses and they are already made so I’m not adding to the overproduction of fabrics.